Regenerative concepts,
spaces & projects

My purpose is to create spaces that enable and inspire transformation, allowing society to transition to a new paradigm.

I am a catalyst in that transition, connecting the old to the new by building bridges to the emerging unknown.

Within the hospitality and tourism industry, I focus on purpose-driven projects, especially retreat centres, resorts, mixed-use real estate and village-type concepts.  

Working at the intersection of placemaking and social innovation, I help to create holistic concepts and projects that embrace the new paradigm mindset.

I support people and businesses that want to embrace the opportunities of change

– Concepts, feasibility studies & masterplanning

– Future-proofing your mindset & business model

– Regenerative practices for true sustainability

– Project management & development

– Opening support & operations

Placemaking: Inspiring hybrid multi-use concepts

Living labs: Prototyping innovative showcases 

Trends: Designing future-proof service offerings

Openings: Coordination and management 

Health: Holistic wellbeing & retreats

– Sustainability training

– Experience design

– Ecosystem & Community building

– Holistic leadership & Teal governance

Coming soon…

A comprehensive framework to facilitate the incubation of new village projects.

AREAS of work

SENSE making

The world is changing. What legacy do you want to leave in a time of global disruption aka the metacrisis?

> How to create impact with your business?

> How to balance your needs for purpose and profit with a future-proof concept?


VILLAGE projects

The trend for ´village style´ concepts that respond to different cultural needs and values is growing strongly.

> From concept to feasibility study & content creation

> Project planning, coordination and management

> Opening support and operational advisory

NEW hospitality

Reinventing the hospitality and tourism industry; adopt a regenerative mindset and create true impact.

> Translating purpose to positioning, operations and strategy 

> Holistic business models with social innovation

> Creating transformative and inspiring customer experiences

PLACE making

Make the best out of your asset, land and infrastructure with a new concept, creating a hybrid mixed-use model.

> Potential of repurposing your property

> Solutions for you and the local ecosystem

> Value creation models that redefine quality of life in harmony with nature

LET´S co-create

Atma is a Sanskrit term that refers to the human essence and our higher self.

I have been following that calling for the last decade, which allowed me not only to reinvent myself and my business but also to support a lot of people and projects that I have worked with since.

I help you to ground, structure and implement your visions and assess, consult and advise on existing businesses & new projects, their positioning, strategy and operational transformation.

Driven by a desire to work in holistic ways, with a systemic understanding and new approaches, I help your business with sense-making; bringing inspiration and practical advice.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something build new models, that make the old obsolete.

Current work

Concept & project management for a regenerative mixed-use real estate development with a cooperative in Switzerland (Co-founder). Opening planned for 2027

Good Mountain
Hospitality consulting for a regenerative mixed-use development project with a retreat centre in Portugal

Next Gen Village
Regenerative placemaking support for a futuristic, large-scale real-estate development project in Switzerland.

Past projects

Pre-opening support; marketing, quality, certifications, training & operations (2022-23)

Mountain Vision
Alpine retreat centre project; feasability-study and concept (2021)

Zurich Retreat
Founder of a start-up project to build a social innovation village with a holistic learning campus (2016-20)

Projekt Zukunfts.Dorf
Tourism concept for the Milestone Innovation competition (2020)

Undisclosed property
5* Medical Wellbeing resort; service design and budgets (2020)

Various projects

Regenerative Tourism Ibiza
Research on a destination solution for over-tourism (2021)

Collaborating on a regenerative crypto currency project (2020-21)

Tourism & Hospitality Curriculum
Development and teaching of a sustainability course (2021-22)

Post-opening support in operations, strategy and positioning (2018-19)

Centro d’Ompio
Re-structuring and planning for the project Ompio Campus (2017-18)

Concept space during WEF in Davos

Teal Camp conferences
Switzerland’s first Teal un-conference


I´m Martin Hohn. With a unique background, combining different worlds and a multitude of experiences and trainings, I offer a valuable skill-set to help navigate an increasingly complex world.

After a career in the international luxury hospitality management, working in 6 countries on 3 continents and being involved in 5 opening projects, I also worked in senior positions for two start-ups in the food and gastronomy industry. Since 2016, I am fully committed to my life purpose and work as an independent social entrepreneur, supporting my clients to realize their projects and to bring their dreams to the world.

I have worked with a wide range of people and organizations that wanted to evolve or reinvent their business by creating more purpose and innovation.

Let me support you with practical concept solutions, strategic transformation processes, project management and development.

Working internationally, I am based in Zurich, we can speak in German, English, French, and Spanish.

New ideas only gain adoption if you can experience them.
Let us create inspiring prototypes, that act as catalysts for a new paradigm

INFORMATION & resources

Here you find a selection of my work and some links to material that inspires me plus a basic version of the model that I use as a regenerative framework in projects. 

Read my articles on Medium

Editorial for Spatial-X ´Remote work & stay´

Contributor to the Global Wellness Institutes Beyond GDP hospitality trends

Contributor for the Village 3.0. white-paper 

Panel discussion at Youth Hospitality Summit 2024 by EHL

Listen to my podcast on The New Movement

Watch my presentation at the EcoHotelSummit

Event partnership and speaker at Re-build conference

Presentation at ´beyond gdp meeting´ 2023 (short version)

Some sources of inspiration for my work:


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